Partnership between Universidade Lusíada & MPG Office Furniture

Partnership between Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa and MPG Office Furniture
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Students from Universidade Lusíada visit MPG Office Furniture.

On April 27th, the first moment of the partnership between Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa and  MPG Office Furniture took place.

The Universidade Lusíada believes that education does not end in a classroom, and that merely technical instruction oriented towards the performance of a profession is not enough. They always promote the integral development of students in order to prepare them to integrate the working world as citizens and as capable professionals. With universities in Lisbon, Porto, and Vila Nova de Famalicão, the Universidade Lusíada aims to provide the best education for their students in order for them to achieve their goals in life as competent participants in society.

This visit was the first moment of a partnership between MPG and the Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa, where the main objective is to provide students, within the scope of the curricular unit Design II, the experience of developing an original concept for a furniture product or accessory to be used in an office environment or for a homeoffice.

This project, called the DOBRA project, consists in developing products fit for designers, architects and artists – in an office/atelier environment or at home, exploring one of the industry’s techniques, the sheet metal bending.

It is a pleasure for MPG Office Furniture to be part of this kind of projects. We agree with Universidade Lusíada that the best way to learn requires a balance between technical and practical education, in order to provide the students with an interaction with the industry and professionals of the environment.

The next moment of this project will be the presentation of the students’ models and their evaluation.