MPG is a Portuguese company that was born in 1971. Based in Lisbon, it has always cultivated investment in innovation, transforming projects and ideas into real solutions, with materials, shape and details that make the difference.

About Us

From our knowledge, we have built an office furniture international business. We are present in about 20 countries, spread across Europe, Asia, Africa and America, with a branch in London. The production is 100% Portuguese, and the way we work focused at trends details are the basis of our growth.

Each of us has a unique identity, a particular point of view and a subjectivity in the interpretation of reality. MPG’s mission is to create office furniture solutions adapted to the real needs of each client, in the most diverse contexts, allowing our clients to increase their satisfaction and achieve growth and social well-being in their organization.

Looking for excellence, MPG is a company certified by SGS, according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Thinking of the response to customer satisfaction as the basis of success, it has been recognized by IAPMEI, consecutively, as PME Líder in the scope of its performance and accreditation.

From the first moment, we believe that our most valuable asset is people, because nothing makes sense without a motivated and solid team.
Values at MPG Office Furniture


We are rigorous in fulfilling the commitments we assume. We are a target of trust.


We successfully explore new ideas at every stage of the value chain. This gives us a competitive advantage.


We eliminate excess and add objectivity, allowing essence, sobriety and elegance to be revealed in everything we do. This gives us efficiency.


We continuously improve to exceed our customers’ expectations (internal and external) and exceed industry requirements. This generates reliability.

50 years of history

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Founded in Lisbon in 1971, the objectives to be pursued were evident from early on. Taking into account the existing know-how, MPG dedicated itself to the development and production of office furniture.

In the mid 80’s, together with the recognition of its customers and the resulting need to assume an identity, began the commercialization of office furniture under the MPG trademark.

In the early 90’s, the facilities were adapted to the market demands, thus significantly increasing the installed production capacity. The continuous modernisation of the machinery park, the definition of new factory layouts and the restructuring of the management processes ensured a sustained growth. It was in this decade that MPG started to open up new markets, with its internationalisation, especially in Europe, Africa, America and the Middle East.

And we continue to grow, heading for another 50 years of success!

An extended family

Companies are made by people: MPG, starting from a family business knows this reality well. And it is this family that still leads the company, building the steps of its success. An enlarged and growing Family, comprising more than 70 employees and partners all over the world. Attention, dedication and creativity are values shared by all those who collaborate with MPG. We believe in teamwork and in combining efforts. This is how we create new ideas and shape the future.

Without borders, new markets

Transforming ideas, designs and architectural projects into distinctive office furniture, with a deep customization to the identity of each organization, we are recognized in Europe as a reference in the office furniture sector.

With a branch in London and customers in South and Central America, Africa, mainly PALOP’S and Morocco, and also in other countries like Russia, Kazakhstan, United Arab Emirates, we continue to grow internationally, increasing our global presence.

Quality and Environment

MPG is certified by ISO 9001: 2015 by SGS. Caring for the environment is also a priority for MPG, keeping the focus on producing better solutions in this perspective. Our products are the result of business decisions that equate ecology and respect for the environment.


Find your space, requires professionals who have the imagination and share their concerns. Therefore, we maintain daily contact with designers in order to find the right solutions, often unexpected. We cooperate with teams of designers, architects, interior designers and artists, in a creative process of space, and with the joint mission of improving the working environment. We hope that our solutions will stimulate inspiration, surprise and make offices more productive.