Sustainable Office Furniture

Following the latest market trends, MPG’s Research & Design department combined the best technology with the selection of environmentally friendly materials to offer a new, sustainable and innovative office furniture solution and an environmentally sound experience.


Wooden office furniture is an all-time trendy solution. However, its sustainability is questionable.

At MPG office furniture we strive to follow the latest market trends, without further damaging our environment, and that’s how our MOSSO range was created.

The name MOSSO originated from our bamboo suppliers, MOSO®. With more than 20 years of experience, and operating in more than 50 countries this brand is recognised as the global A-brand in bamboo, focused on product innovation, sustainability and quality.

Moso is also the name of a temperate species of giant timber bamboo, native to China and Taiwan, which is also another contributing fact towards the name of our range.

Bamboo is a trendy and sustainable solution to replace wooden office furniture, it has a subtle texture and organic colour which makes it very versatile and easy to style. This hero material has a variety of favourable characteristic:

  • Resistant
  • Long-lasting
  • Originates from a fast-growing plant, especially Moso bamboo which can grow up to 1m per day
  • Known as a “carbon sink” due to its capacity to absorb twice as much carbon than wood
  • Generates over 30% more oxygen than a vast majority of other plants and trees
  • Bamboo requires no use of pesticides or fertilisers for its cultivation
  • Termites are less likely to damage treated bamboo

To reinforce the ecological solution of the MOSSO range, we decided not to add any finishing to the bamboo we use on our office furniture. Furthermore, we also selected cork for the screens, which has excellent acoustic characteristics, is recyclable and 100% biodegradable, adding to the sustainable nature of this office furniture range.

A sustainable, natural, ecological, resistant and long-lasting office furniture range.

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