Get to know some of the most relevant projects implemented by MPG, at a national and international level

RICO – Tomás Castro Silva, Lda.

The manufacturer of machines and equipment for cutting and bending, RICO-Tomás Castro Silva, Lda., refurbished their office, in Gondomar, with office furniture from MPG office furniture.

MPG office furniture carried out the furniture project for the CEO’s office with the Otto range and the administration office, the meeting room, the sales office and the Human Resources office with the Temma range.

Kausa Advogados

Architecture, interior and furniture project, carried out by MPG office furniture for KAUSA Advogados with the Plano A range.

With simplicity and elegance n mind, the Plano A range allows more workstations to be added, through its fixation, with great adaptability to space.

NOVA SBE | Carcavelos Campus 

Placement of 100 tables from the MINIMA range, MPG office furniture, in the atrium of the Nova SBE Carcavelos Campus in order to provide students with a more airy study space.

NOVA SBE | Carcavelos Campus

Placement of 4 MALLAS, from the MPG office furniture homeoffice range, in the library of the Nova SBE Carcavelos Campus, in order to provide students with a more versatile study space, allowing them to move to a more private work environment.

KW – Sol Sintra

In partnership with Mobidream, the KW Sol Sintra real estate office space was furnished with individual booths for answering calls, work stations and a meeting table using the MINIMA range, from MPG office furniture.

EDP Headquarters – Av. 24 de Julho

900 workstations in the new EDP headquarters, with the TEMMA range, work plan, top screen with dimmable LED lighting, drawer block, support cabinet with top plug-in and screens.

Cafeteria at the new EDP Headquarters

The Caf range by Miguel Vieira Baptista produced by MPG office furniture was used to decorate the cafeteria at the new EDP headquarters on Avenida 24 de Julho in Lisbon.


Dentsu Group communication agency CARAT, has refurbished its offices in the centre of Lisbon with the elegance of MPG’s NOMA and TEMMA ranges, providing a welcoming, professional environment with every comfort.

Remodelling Project

The diversity of workspaces with the PLANO range by MPG office furniture brings comfort, well-being, elegance and cooperation to this project, in participation with CLTG Architects.

Century 21 -New office

The new Century 21 office, with new furniture from the TEMMA range by MPG office furniture.

Benfica Corporate Club & Benfica DCM

In the projects developed for the Benfica universe, namely for Benfica Corporate Club, and for the Commercial and Marketing Department of Sport Lisboa e Benfica, the installation of over 400 BRAVO chairs with patented Twist-Back mechanism stands out.

Zolve – New Facilities

The Zolve – Logistics and Transport premises have been fitted out with the TEMMA range by MPG office furniture, where the different types of finishes confer diversity and elegance to the different spaces.

Biblioteca Campo de Ourique

The Campo de Ourique Library was remodelled, bookcases from the TEMMA range by MPG office furniture were used as a better solution for organising and storing the space.

Biblioteca Palácio das Galveias

An innovative design with library tables from the TEMMA range by MPG office furniture, with lighting built into the glass partitions.

Navigator Company

A remodelling project where the PLANO range, by MPG office furniture, was the office furniture solution selected for better framing of the workspace.

Meeting Room Project

A proposal in partnership with Castelhano Ferreira, in which the meeting table for 20 people from the PLANO range, by MPG office furniture, is the star of any meeting. Despite its size, it transmits robustness and elegance.

Office Project

A proposal in partnership with Castelhano Ferreira, where the EMME range, by MPG office furniture presents a concept where the desk can be adapted to the needs of each employee.

Project for new openspace premises

Two floors of a solar energy company in Lisbon were fitted out with office furniture from the EMME range by MPG office furniture, the height levelling range.

Cafeteria Project

Conveying simplicity in yet another project, this time in a cafeteria bar area. In order to be  creative and productive it is always important to take a break during your day to day life.

Project in a communication agency, London, UK

A project where the EMME range stands out, a range with flexibility and levelling in height, an important characteristic for this media agency in central London. The desks here are joined to cabinets with flower boxes on the tops and lockers, to create an inspiring and creative environment.

Mahle, Valencia, Spain

A project that reflects the versatility of the MPG office furniture ranges.


A project where an elegant 10-seater meeting table from the NOMA range was placed in the meeting room.


A unique 18-person conference table from the NOMA range by MPG office furniture to meet the needs of the team and organisation.

Office openspace project

In partnership with Cralufe, a new office space of an international supermarket chain, was fitted out with office furniture from MPG office furniture, with the simple design of the PLANO range, meeting the basic needs of users. The acoustic panels add colour to the space and absorb sound, giving more tranquillity and comfort to the working environment.

Office Project

Another office located in Lisbon, in which the building was equipped with tables from the MINIMA range, including front and side screens and lockers for good storage. For the meeting room, a table from the TEMMA range was selected, with support blocks.

Administration Office Project, Ghana

An administration office implementation, in Ghana, with the CUBBI range, a range where the heterogeneity of noble and distinct materials stands out.

Office Project in openspace

Office furniture project with the PLANO range in an office in Lisbon.

Dining Area Project 

Implementation of a dining area with several furniture elements in order to highlight the diversity between them.

Hospital Changing Room Project

An innovative project for a clinical or hospital changing room, where the use of colours is suggested, to give a calm atmosphere, and several models of lockers for different types of storage.

Showroom MPG FARO

New MPG FARO showroom, in partnership with Blique, with all the diversity of the MPG office furniture ranges.

Lawyers’ Office Project

A Lisbon law office was fitted out with the latest MOSSO range from MPG office furniture, a sustainable bamboo line.

Global Office Project

Global office implementation with MPG office furniture‘s latest sustainable line, MOSSO, a natural and innovative range with a distinctive impact.

Global Office Project

Study, execution design and presentation of an office furniture project, with the new MOSSO sustainable range from MPG office furniture.

Acoustics Project

Acoustic solution for an office with suspended panels, isolating the noise in the work space.

Acoustics Project

Acoustic solution for offices with side and front acoustic partitions, allowing greater privacy for each employee.

Management Office Project

Project for a management office with a desk from the TEMMA range by MPG office furniture.

Openspace Project

Office furniture project for an openspace in the centre of Lisbon with the MINIMA range, by MPG office furniture.

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