MPG opens branch in London MPG

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Following its strategy of expanding to international markets and within the scope of its internationalization project, MPG opens branch in London and  is currently an international company with the recent opening of MPG UK.

With a dedicated team and its own office, warehouse and showroom facilities, which will be ready in May, MPG Portugal supports the entire structure through local production and technical and logistical support.

Each of us has a unique identity, a particular point of view and a subjectivity in the interpretation of reality. MPG’s mission is to create office furniture solutions adapted to the real needs of each client, in the most diverse contexts, allowing our clients to increase their satisfaction and achieve growth and social well-being in their organization.

MPG’s strategy is to expand and consolidate in other markets, ensuring the opening of new branches with the purpose of becoming, in the medium term, one of the leading Portuguese brands in office furniture internationally. MPG opens a branch in London in order to achieve these objectives.

Transforming ideas, designs and architectural projects into distinctive office furniture, with a deep customization to the identity of each organization, we are recognized in Europe as a reference in the office furniture sector.

With a branch in London and customers in South and Central America, Africa, mainly PALOP’S and Morocco, and also in other countries like Russia, Kazakhstan, United Arab Emirates, we continue to grow internationally, increasing our global presence.