MPG office furniture, ends the year carrying out the monitoring of an acoustic project and the respective execution.
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An MPG Acoustics Project was carried out in the last weeks of the year, MPG office furniture carried out the monitoring and the respective execution at the client Tavares & Faria Tavares, in Famões, Odivelas, and the respective execution of the work, where tangram modules from the TEMMA range and ViClouds from Vicoustic were applied. The Temma office furniture range understands the constant  changing needs of work teams and individuals and offers informal and collaborative solutions that are beyond its time.

The project was developed in partnership with Vicoustic for an office area of 260m2 that needed to improve the acoustic performance of the space due to the excessive echo produced in the openspace. Among the various solutions presented, ViClouds were chosen, in a round shape and plain white colour. For the wall panels, Tangram modules from TEMMA were suggested in earthy tones to give harmony and comfort to the environment, combining with the office furniture from the NOMA range, by MPG office furniture previously supplied. Noma is an office furniture range developed by MPG´s R&D department, providing new solutions that make it a transversal program, that gives an appropriate answer to each role and each space, thus becoming an architectural concept that grows along with your office.

This acoustic project resulted in a significant increase in concentration and productivity of the whole team, also improving the space in decorative terms, making it more contemporary and welcoming.