Mosso, a new range of natural and ecological furniture
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Following the latest market trends, MPG’s Research & Design department combined the best technology with the selection of environmentally friendly materials to offer a new, sustainable and innovative office furniture solution and an environmentally healthy experience, Mosso a new range of office furniture.

This range of office furniture, MOSSO, has in its design a greater concern for the environment, using for this purpose more natural and ecological raw materials, with excellent mechanical characteristics, as is the case of Bamboo and Cork.

Mosso a new range has this name largely due to our bamboo supplier, MOSO®. With over 20 years of experience and operating in over 50 countries, this brand is considered a world leader in the bamboo industry, focusing on innovation, sustainability and product quality.

For a “trendy” solution in wood, we chose Bamboo, as it is a very resistant material from a fast-growing plant, using legs and sides. For table tops, in addition to the MPG melamine range, bamboo leaf tops are also available to replace the more traditional wooden sheets.

To reinforce the ecological solution, we also selected Cork for being a recyclable and 100% biodegradable material with excellent acoustic characteristics, using it in the central screens and in the cabinet doors.

The MOSSO office furniture range will be presented to the market during April 2021.