The workspace gives life to the office, stimulating our senses and perception of the environment. When designing a workplace, office furniture is a fundamental element of the architecture process and its daily use. Through our solutions, we create the exact vision of the daily experience of space in a unique way.

About us

Mosso, a new range of natural and ecological furniture MPG

MPG combined the best technology with the selection of environmentally friendly materials to offer a new, sustainable and innovative office furniture solution and an environmentally healthy experience, the MOSSO range.

MPG launches MOB catalog

Curated by the Chilean Architect Eduardo Corales, the MOB Project seeks to establish interdisciplinary intersections around the collective, domestic and rational condition of an intrinsic practice of architects and artists, such as furniture design.

50 years of MPG

Celebrating 50 years, MPG presents itself as an international company, passing on its strategy for expansion and consolidation in other markets.

MPG sponsors the 6th Lisbon Architecture Triennale 2022

TERRA is the motto for the 6th Lisbon Architecture Triennale, which will run from October to December 2022. This edition will be curated by the duo Cristina Veríssimo and Diogo Burnay.