CARAT opens offices with MPG office furniture
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Dentsu Group communication agency  CARAT offices with MPG office furniture, the agency refurbished its offices in downtown Lisbon.

Carat is the world’s first media agency and privileged to work with some of the most storied and innovative brands in the world. Most recently named a leader amongst global media agencies by Forrester, Carat is consistently ranked the #1 media agency in the world. Carat delivers an unparalleled capability to unlock real human understanding and connect people and brands through powerful and engaging media experiences.

The two floors of the new facilities present an elegant and welcoming environment among the 60 workstations in the openspace islands and the management offices, the meeting rooms, and a training room with 25 seats.

The new offices have adopted a new, more relaxed concept with lounge and entertainment areas for greater productivity and to promote relationships between employees.

The CARAT offices with MPG office furniture had a variety of our ranges. In the management offices, desks from the TEMMA range have been placed in the executive offices, in the open space and in the small meeting rooms, desks from the NOMA range, and in the large meeting room, an elegant table also from the TEMMA range.