The effects of poor acoustic design and noise within an office environment can have a considerable impact on productivity. From big spaces, such as open plan offices and call centers, to smaller spaces, such as meeting rooms and cellular offices, each setting demands its own specific requirements.
Vicoustic developed new lines of products tailored to help modern offices achieve good internal acoustic conditions that enhance creativity in the workplace.
Desk divider with acoustic performance

VicOffice Desk Top was developed to help you managing privacy between working places. It will help you to visually divide working places and at the same time, since it has great sound absorption characteristics, it will help you controlling the acoustics of your office.

VicOffice Desk Top comes in different sizes to be compatible to different desk dimensions.

VicOffice Wall is a thin acoustic panel that can be easily mounted and dismounted to any glazed panel, i.e. not compromising the glazing cleaning process. Being a thin panel, and therefore having low performance on medium frequencies, Vicoustic has developed its installation mechanism to create an air-gap between the glaze and VicOffice Wall, and in this way increase its performance on the medium/High frequencies, exactly where speech frequencies are.

Sometimes you need to temporary divide your office to accommodate new spaces or better use existing spaces. To do this, Vicoustic has developed VicOffice Suspended Divider. As the name says these two units are suspended dividers that will help you to visually manage divisions in your office and at the same time control its acoustics since it has great sound absorber characteristics.

VicOffice Clouds are a simple and lightweight suspended acoustic solution ideal for open plan offices where great concentration of people is expected and background noise created by a room full of conversations can quickly build up. Being a suspended acoustic element, presents twice the area of absorbing material exposed than a common acoustic panel, making it a very effective solution.

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