MPG sponsors the 6th Lisbon Architecture Triennale 2022
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TERRA is the motto for the 6th Lisbon Architecture Triennale, which will take place between October, December 2022. This edition is generally curated by the duo Cristina Veríssimo and Diogo Burnay, the Portuguese duo who founded the architecture studio CVDB, which started the work in 2020 research, promoting a reflection of the different meanings of Earth depending on the scale and the observer.

TERRA expresses the territory, the city, the landscape, the place to which we belong or a continent seen from the sea. It may be a habitable planet or material for cultivation. It may be in excess or it may be lacking and it may be an obstacle or an element in community building. And it is with a sense of emergency that the Triennale 2022 calls for reflection on all these dimensions that are closely related to architecture.

Sem titulo, série Open Space Office, Portugal, 2011 ©Tito Mouraz

For José Mateus, president of the Lisbon Triennale, “in its 6th edition, the Triennale intends to investigate how we can think, design, organize or build, contributing decisively to
environmental sustainability and, ultimately, to the survival of humanity and the planet itself. TERRA suggests that, after a context of confinement as a result of the pandemic, the future should be reconsidered through the crossing and exchange of knowledge and practices that can coexist, contributing to a more sustainable future for the planet and those who inhabit it.

The TERRA program consists of 4 exhibitions, 4 publications, 3 awards, 3 days of conferences and a selection of independent Associated Projects. Through its different perspectives and perspectives, the program intends to show a global panorama for the future of the discipline.

The usual Carreira, Début and Universidades Triennale de Lisboa Millennium bcp Awards arealso planned, covering different stages of the career of architectural professionals. With the aim of spreading contemporary architectural culture, TERRA also foresees the publication of a collection of books. Unique editions dedicated to the themes of the four nuclear exhibitions and edited by the curatorial team.

Find out more about the Lisbon Architecture Triennale – 2022 program of the 6th edition of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale, with the support of MPG office furniture.