The story of our Big Red Wall

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When MPG office furniture moved to its new facilities, there was this big red wall at the back of the warehouse. A story waiting to be told, without purpose or meaning. It seemed pointless to keep it that way and painting it white seemed like the best solution at the time.

This wall was a creation of David Cabrita, a Portuguese artist, for Ementa SB, a Portuguese brand that started out as a skating crew. This wall was a part of a campaign for this brand, named “A Thousand Words”, and in fact it does express a thousand words, through all of its different drawings and references.

It finally started to make sense… erasing this wall would be erasing a part of the history of this building. At MPG office furniture we strive to innovate and shape the future of the office furniture market, but we are always aware of where we came from and how our past also shapes who we are today. It was only right to keep the wall the way it was and let it become a part of our story too.

The wall has filled the factory with personality and colour for 5 years know and it inspired our team so much, that some of the drawings came to life and became a part of our office rooms.

Our Think Thank has a quirky octopus, the Irreverent room has a little cactus and our Bold room has a time bomb. All these little elements are what made this wall a part of our office space.

Have a look at the wall and try to find these drawings!