BATIDA Project: presentation of the projects done by the students of Industrial Design from ESAD-CR
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BATIDA Projects from ESAD-CR at MPG

The BATIDA project was a project developed by the 2nd year students of the Degree in Industrial Design of ESAD-CR, Escola Superior de Artes e Design das Caldas da Rainha in partnership with MPG office furniture, a company specialized in metallic office furniture. One of the objectives of this collaboration is to give students the possibility to develop products of furniture typologies and accessories for use in an office or home context. Based on the results, 3 prize-winning projects and 1 Honourable Mention were selected, which may be produced and marketed by MPG.

The jury, constituted by Pedro Nunes (MPG), José Ideias (MPG), Manuel Amaral Netto e Miguel Vieira Baptista (ESAD-CR ),, decided to attribute the three prizes to Alexandre Calçada, Joana Marques and Pedro Afonso, framing the choice according to the protocol celebrated between ESAD.CR and MPG. It was also unanimously decided to attribute an honourable mention to the student Bianca Boker.

The jury highlights the quality and projectual maturity of the winning objects, as well as their adequacy to MPG’s commercial context. The Portable Acoustic Screen, by Alexandre Calçada, for the constructive simplicity and the ability to foresee new commercial contexts; the Suspended Thinking Cabin, by Joana Marques, for the experimental approach and for being an adequate solution to the new office organisation models; the Territory Shelving System, by Pedro Afonso, for its constructive technical capacity and for exploring the organization of the work space; and the Skruva Levelling Table, by Bianca Boker, for its constructive extravagance that allows the creation of a narrative of commercial promotion of MPG.

The jury also thanks the commitment and participation of all the students in this project, a partnership between ESAD-CR and MPG, which allowed the development of several objects in an industrial context infected by the creative energy of the academy.