New address: another step in growth

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Following its development strategy, MPG´s new address  centralizes the entire company in modern facilities with better capacity to respond to the demands of the markets where it operates, the national and international.

Founded in Lisbon in 1971, the objectives to be pursued were evident from early on. Taking into account the existing know-how, MPG office furniture dedicated itself to the development and production of office furniture.

In the mid 80’s, along with the recognition of its customers and the resulting need to assume an identity, began the commercialization of office furniture under the MPG trademark.

In the early 90’s, the facilities were adapted to the market demands, thus significantly increasing the installed production capacity. The continuous modernisation of the machinery park, the definition of new factory layouts and the restructuring of the management processes ensured a sustained growth. It was in this decade that MPG started to open up new markets, with its internationalisation, especially in Europe, Africa, America and the Middle East.

The workspace gives life to the office, stimulating our senses and perception of the environment. When designing a workplace, office furniture is a fundamental element of the architecture process and its daily use. Through our solutions, we create the exact vision of the daily experience of space in a unique way.

We continuously improve to exceed our customers’ expectations (internal and external) and exceed the industry requirements. The inauguration of MPG´s new address is another step towards growth!